PandaPanda 2023

Design mockup

As part of of our growth with PandaPanda, it was time to update the branding and redesign our own website according to our new values. We decided to make the a work on this as a team, which was a lot of fun since we don't always have the opportunity to work together as a whole. We're still in the process of adding use-cases, although there's already a lot to discover.

My job was figuring out our new style through a lot of experimenting, testing and refining. Eventually we settled upon an awesome branding everyone was happy with! Afterwards we structured, wireframed and designed our the new website.

Built to last: Everything we build, we build to last. We let that simple principle guide our decision-making, believing every challenge is another building block we earn, another tool in our belt, and another step towards our goal of creating rock-solid digital products. Whether our fellow pandas or the companies we team up with, we love working with people who shoot for the stars.

Synergize: Open communication and transparency are key. You can always go to the right person with your questions or problems. We don’t keep secrets, we share feelings and thoughts. We are open to and honest with each other.Look aheadWe don't hold on to systems and processes just because we've been using them for a long time. That's stupid!We're curious and driven; our minds are open and eager to learn and grow. We keep up with the latest technology and trends and adopt them as new tools in our toolbox if they fit the 'built to last' criteria.

Beastly: PandaPanda is rock ‘n roll. Why else would you name your company PandaPanda? We’re friendly beasts, going for the best service and quality. Creativity is our way of expressing ourselves, and we show this in everything we do: Our office, communication, and way of working.

Visit the live website: Click here

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