Design of the dualoop website
Another design of the dualoop website

Challenge: Our good friends at dualoop approached us for a thorough overhaul of their website. First and foremost, it was important to remember that they already have a large collection of blog posts that needed to be seamlessly accessed. In addition, dualoop wanted to add a number of types of digital content to strengthen their position as a conference, for example future events.

Solution: After a few conversations, we saw a broader opportunity to revive their corporate identity and develop a visual identity that perfectly matches the values and vision of dualoop. For the website, we proposed a complete redesign, resulting in a fresh, modern look and feel for their digital presence that successfully captures the essence of the clinic.

Impact: We succeeded in putting the people of dualoop in the spotlight themselves. Because ultimately they provide the valuable impact on their customers' products. And thanks to Webflow, the loopers themselves can adjust dynamic content such as blog posts and future events, as well as text and images across the entire website, completely independently.

Visit the website: Click here